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To make the Shami Kabab more delectable and nutritious, the rich flavour of Bengal Grams is blended with soy granules. The authentic flavour of traditional Shami Kabab is enhanced by our soya-based recipe special recipe. Serve these vegetarian kababs with green chutney as an entrée or just by themselves.
People now want a wide variety of dining experiences, which has drastically impacted the food sector. The dining experience nowadays is more important than the actual flavour of the dish. There are two groups of individuals in general at this time when the food sector is moving toward offering experiences. Vegans and non-Vegetarians alike! There are many different dining experiences to be had with both sorts of individuals, yet vegetarians often feel as if they are missing out.
As a vegetarian, you must feel like eating Veggie Chicken, Veggie Mutton, Kababs, Shami Kabab, and many other things. Vegetarians steer clear of such foods for a variety of reasons. Most of this is due to their religious beliefs, while other reasons include the methods in which animals are tortured for sustenance. Additionally, there is another problematic factor, namely health.
You will get indigestion and several other issues if you eat mostly non-vegetarian meals. However, there is a product on the market right now that tastes, smells, and looks like chicken but is really not chicken! You may get items from Vezlay that are rich in fibre content and highly nutrient-dense. For a whole year, these packaged goods will remain fresh! So you may now enjoy your favourite meal throughout the whole year.
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