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  • Bahawalpur, Punjab, 63100, Pakistan

Promescent Sprays Price In Pakistan :- 10 Spray = 8000
Promescent Sprays Price In Pakistan :- 20 Spray = 12000
Nerve Signals Trigger Orgasm
Promescent Spray In Pakistan The Penis Is The Maximum Sensitive A Part Of The Body With Over 6,000 Nerve Endings. Throughout Sex, Nerves Ship Alerts To The Body To Orgasm. Men That Have Extra Nerve Endings And More Lively Nerve Cells, Need To Do Some Thing Extra To Govern Orgasm.

Promescent Relaxes Nerve Cells | Ship Mart | Promescent Spray
The premature ejaculation spray is absorbed into nerve cells just below the skin and temporarily restricts the flow of ions through nerve cells slowing down their rate of signalling. This gives you complete control over when you orgasm.

Apply Where Needed
Spray Promescent onto the most sensitive parts of the penis (for most men this is the glans & frenulum). It takes 10-15 minutes for the penis spray to be fully absorbed and start working. Effects last up to an hour.


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  • Discreet Packaging
  • Privacy is guaranteed. Packages ship in discreet, plain packaging with “Customer Service” as the name on the return address.
  • How Should I Apply Promescent Delay Spray?
  • Applying the premature ejaculation delay spray is quick and easy – in fact over 95% of our users agree that application is simple and does not interfere with the overall sexual experience.


Bahawalpur, Punjab, 63100, Pakistan

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